Haley Hawthorne
Haley Hawthorne
is a Pokemon Trainer/ninja and was trainned by Riot. She isn't a theif like her former mentor. She is friends with a fellow Pokemon Trainer named Julia Slater. Haley has a mixed of different type of Pokemons including water, ice, rock, fighting, dark, and ground.


Not much about Haley's childhood, but she did meet Riot when she was on her journey with her starting Pokemon as Froakie. The duo trainned together to become ninjas and Pokemon Masters. They had the same starter Pokemon. As years go by, the duo became drifted apart. Haley wanted to travel around Kalos and other regions while Riot wanted to become a theif. They went seprate ways.

Haley went on with her journey without meaning anyone for years until she meets Julia Slater. Julia and Haley journeyed together for years, but spilt, so people cannot detact Julia's mega eveloution status. Haley gets word about her former partner is in the region she is in at the time.



  • Greninja: on hand
  • Buziel: on hand
  • Vaperon


  • Aurorus: on hand


  • Kabutops: on hand
  • Aerodactyl: on hand
  • Armadlo


  • Lucario: on hand
  • Machamp: on hand
  • Mienshao: on hand


  • Umberon: on hand
  • Hounddoom: on hand (MEGA)
  • Weavile


  • Krookodoile: on hand


  • Svypier: on hand
  • Nidoqueen
  • Nidoking: on hand


  • Druddigon: on hand
  • Goodra: on hand

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Haley wears navy jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and blue jeans. Haley wears a belt to carry all her Pokemon she carries on her. Haley has brown hair with green eyes.

Ninja uniform

Haley's uniform is like her ex-mentor/best friend, but gold.


  • Haley has feelings for her former partner/mentor.
  • Haley is one of the people that know about Julia's mega evelution.