Julia SlaterLukeBailey, Ash, Bonnie, Serena, and Clemont are on their way to battle tournment. Alain meets up with the heroes. Alain and Julia talk about the upcoming tournment. None of the others no about their past.


"How much longer?" groans Bonnie

"Just through the forest, I see the city with the arena." yells Julia on her Skarmory.

Luke asks, "Do you want to stop walking and ride a Pokemon?"

Luke's Pyroar

Bonnie nods and Luke gets out his Pyroar. Bonnie gets up on Luke's Pyroar. The Pyroar lets her and walks along side Bailey's Virizion.

Ash groans, "I wish I had something to ride on. How are you guys so easy to ride your Pokemon."

Julia responds by yelling, "Our bond with our Pokemon is so strong that they let us ride them. Pyroar is used to be riden on by Bailey, but since Bailey got Virizion, she rides on Virizion." 

Ash groans, "Oh, that makes sense. I just wish I had a Pokemon like that. *sees Alain* Hi, Alain."

Julia looks down to see Alain walking towards the group. Salamence flys down towards the group. Julia gets off when Alain arrives.

Alain says, "Hello Ash, Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena. Who are your friends? Nice Pyroar and Virizion."

Julia smirks, "Well, I'm surprised that you don't recoginize me. How about a battle?"

Alain nods, "Yes, but I think I will beat you easily with my Charizard. After all, you don't have mega evolvution."

Luke and Bailey laughs about this because Julia has three mega evolveutions. Out of nowhere a Greninja and golden ninja appeared.

Julia smirks, "Hey, Haley. Is Annabel with you?"

"Yes I am. Up here on my Bravairy. I want to see this battle between Alain and my friend."

(Time skip to the battle)

Alain yells, "Come on out Weavile."

Julia's Scizor (mega)
Julia yells, "Come on out Scizor. So you want a mega eveultion don't you."

Alain smirks, "Your smart. Yes, why are you asking?"

Julia smirks, "Well, it's time for mega evolvution Scizor."

Scizor turns into Mega Scizor before everyone's eyes.